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October 20, 2018

A Simple Guide to Finding the Right Family Dentist in Mobile

family of four hugging and smilingAs the leader of your family, you have the mighty task of making sure everyone receives the care they need to remain well. One of the important areas left to you to manage is oral health. Because you have family members of varying ages, you need a professional who can provide a unique brand of care that is versatile, but how do you go about identifying him or her? Learn how to find the right family dentist in Mobile as you continue reading!


October 8, 2018

Are You in Need of Emergency Dentistry? Here’s How to Tell

man holding jaw in painYou have a painful toothache that has derailed your plans to watch the Crimson Tide play at home. Your main concern is how to get some relief, and you’re also wondering, “Is this a dental emergency?” As you continue reading, a local dentist explains when you need emergency dentistry and the different levels of severity of dental trauma.


September 4, 2018

Visit Your Dentist Before Your Benefits Expire

tooth and dental mirrorThe foundation for a healthy smile relies on your oral hygiene habits at home and the care you receive from your dentist. If you have dental insurance, it is easy to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, only one-third of adults schedule a visit every year. If you are among those who are not using your insurance, you are missing a large savings opportunity. As the end of the year approaches, your benefits are about to expire.

August 18, 2018

Dentist in West Mobile Lists 5 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

A six pack of soda underneath ice.Many people don’t realize that part of keeping good oral health isn’t only about brushing, flossing, and visiting a dentist in West Mobile every six months for dental exams and cleanings. A large part of it also has to do with the foods you eat on a daily basis as well as how often you expose your mouth to certain foods.

To help you stay protected, try your best to limit your consumption of these five types of foods.


August 10, 2018

What You Can Expect from a Comprehensive Dentist in West Mobile

A smiling family.It’s rare that you find a dentist that can truly meet all your needs in one office. Often you’ll need to visit a specialist who has their own hours, own personality, and own patients to deal with. Then when you visit or bring your family, you aren’t quite getting the same level of care like you would from your general dentist.

It’s just another reason why comprehensive care is so important, especially when it comes to your oral health. Here’s what you can expect when visiting a dentist in West Mobile.


July 7, 2018

Are There Different Types of Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

A person undergoing a dental exam.While wisdom teeth may have been useful for the hunters and gatherers who walked the planet thousands of years ago, they don’t pose much use to people any longer. As a result, many patients need to have them removed, especially when they’re already causing significant issues like crowding, misalignment, and even infections.

That’s why your dentist wanted to summarize a few types of wisdom teeth extractions he performs on a regular basis. Every patient’s case is unique, but extractions only fall into a handful of categories.


June 27, 2018

Dentist in Mobile Can Help You Recover from Periodontal Disease

woman with swollen gumThe health of your teeth and gums is important to you. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, your dentist in Mobile has just informed you that you have periodontal disease, known as gum disease. The infection develops in the gum tissue due to bacteria that grows in plaque and tartar accumulations. Now, research shows that it not only leads to tooth loss, but it can also cause several significant health issues, like cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Although the complications from gum disease can be severe, you can recover from it with a customized treatment plan.

June 25, 2018

Tips to Prepare for Braces with Your Dentist in Mobile

clear aligner and bracesAre you ready to take the first step to get a straight, beautiful smile? As you begin your journey with braces, you should take the time to prepare for the changes that are about to occur in your life. Although they will not cause a significant disruption, you will have to make some minor adjustments. Your dentist in Mobile will help you learn more about what you can expect during your treatment.

May 27, 2018

General Dentist in West Mobile for Early Orthodontics

Young boy at dentistWhen it comes to choosing a dentist in West Mobile for your family, you need one who offers all the services you need under one roof. Each loved one has different oral health needs, which constantly change. This is especially true for children. As their primary teeth begin to fall out and their permanent ones erupt, it can lead to many issues that can impact them later in life. As a result, it is best to choose a general dentist who also offers orthodontics. You will have the best of both worlds to have your child’s needs met from one location. You will skip the hassle of being referred to another practice.

May 17, 2018

Visiting Your Dentist in Mobile? Ask Your Hygienist These Questions

woman at dental cleaningIn addition to the relationship that you have with your dentist in Mobile, the one you have with your hygienist is equally as important. As a trained dental professional, they can provide you with key information into the insight of your oral hygiene habits and what you can do at home to further help promote the health of your teeth and gums. During your next routine cleaning, there are some key questions you should ask your hygienist to make the most of your brushing and flossing habits.

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