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October 24, 2020

What to Know When Visiting an Emergency Dentist

Woman with toothache

Having a dental emergency is stressful and often times painful. It is especially frustrating when you are worried about the cost that your care will be when you see your emergency dentist because you don’t have dental insurance. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to make it easier for you to get affordable care. Continue reading to learn some tips on how to receive emergency care without having to worry about draining your bank account.


September 2, 2020

3 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before 2020 Ends

dentist in West Mobile holding pink piggy bank

Imagine you’re buying school supplies for your kids. You’ve just purchased enough notebooks, pencils, and markers to last them the whole year. Then, as you’re leaving the store, you drop all of your bags into the trash can and walk away. You might think that you would never throw away your money like that, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you don’t use all of your dental insurance benefits before 2021. Keep reading below to learn three reasons why you should see your dentist in West Mobile before 2020 comes to a close.


August 17, 2020

7 Surprising Facts About Orthodontics!

Boy smiling with braces

Orthodontics are borderline magic, helping patients achieve the straight smiles of their dreams. Whether it’s braces, clear aligners, or another option, you’ve probably needed orthodontics at some point in your life. This specialty has become an important part of dentistry over the years, yet the history of orthodontics remains unknown to the majority of the population. That’s why your orthodontist has included 7 of the most interesting facts about straightening teeth! Read on to learn more and satisfy your curiosity.


July 12, 2020

Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

Woman with tooth sensitivity needing to see emergency dentist

Do you find it difficult to eat foods like ice cream or drink hot coffee in the morning? You aren’t alone. In fact, one in eight adults claim to have some sort of tooth sensitivity. This sensation is usually sharp and occurs during or directly after consuming something that is either hot or cold. Read on to see what your emergency dentist has to say about the causes of tooth sensitivity and learn what you can do to put a stop to the pain.


June 5, 2020

Why It’s Safe to See Your Orthodontist Again

a female patient wearing braces receiving care by an orthodontist in West Mobile

When your orthodontist’s office reopens, you may begin to wonder if it’s safe to return so soon. After all, COVID-19 remains a threat throughout the world. Fortunately, there are additional measures and steps being put into place to better protect both patients and staff, making the idea of continuing treatment for orthodontics in West Mobile a more feasible idea. As you prepare for your next visit, spend a few minutes learning how things may look a bit different and what you can expect that will make it easier for you to seek care amid this pandemic.


May 18, 2020

5 Common Questions of At-Risk Patients, Answered

At-risk patient with mask following tips from her dentist

COVID-19 is a very contagious virus that can infect anyone. However, it can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening for those at a higher risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified several factors that increase your chances of serious illness from COVID-19, including older age, lung disease, heart conditions, and a weakened immune system. If you or a loved one has a high risk of complications from the coronavirus, it’s essential that you take extra precautions to protect yourself. Your Vancleave dentist answers five common questions you may have about staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


April 13, 2020

Oral Hygiene Tips to Lower the Risk of Getting COVID-19

woman following oral hygiene instructions from Mobile dentist

With the United States fighting to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, medical professionals are encouraging citizens to take every precaution to protect themselves and slow down the spread of the virus. It turns out that the quality of your oral hygiene can play a significant role in protecting you. Read on to find out why and learn about some helpful dental habits you can implement today!


March 27, 2020

Dealing with Common Orthodontic Emergencies During the COVID-19 Crisis

teenage girl having braces placed by orthodontist in Mobile

America is locked into a battle with COVID-19, but if you’re currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, then it’s important to know how to respond if an emergency arises. Therefore, you can take the proper steps to control the problem until you can be treated by an orthodontist in Mobile. As you continue reading, you’ll learn what to do for some of the more common types of emergencies.


March 20, 2020

Before Having Your Tooth Extracted, Take a Moment to Read This!

woman with toothache needs emergency dentist in Mobile

Each of your teeth has a purpose. Thus, the last thing a dentist wants to do is perform an extraction. Although you may be experiencing severe pain and think that removing the problematic tooth can alleviate the problem, take a moment to read further. You’ll learn what the common causes of a toothache are and how an emergency dentist in Mobile can help to restore your oral health to normal!


February 27, 2020

Over the Counter Products You Can Take for a Toothache

woman frowning from toothache holding ice pack to face

A toothache can suddenly strike and leave you dealing with sharp pain. The most common cause of the problem is acute oral bacteria that, over time, have spread to the sensitive inner parts of the tooth. While the only way to fully recover from a toothache is to visit an emergency dentist in Mobile for treatment, there are some over the counter (OTC) products you can take to get some temporary relief from the discomfort. As you continue reading, you’ll find some helpful tips.

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