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February 13, 2018

Your Dentist Explains How to Choose the Right Braces in West Mobile

girl blonde hair braces smilingHave you or your child been suffering from an imperfect smile and desire to make a change? Are you unsure about what option is the best? When it comes to making a choice about ways to correct your misaligned, crooked, gapped or crowded teeth, the two primary options are Invisalign and traditional orthodontics. Both routes are highly effective and yield amazing results; however, there are situations where one is a better choice than the other. As you continue reading, your dentist will explain how to determine the right braces in West Mobile to use.


February 6, 2018

Should I Get a Second Opinion from a Dentist in Mobile County?

second opinionYour dentist in Mobile County is equally as important as your toothbrush and dental floss when it comes to promoting healthy teeth and gums. Over the years, you have come to rely on your dentist to provide you with trusted advice to ensure that your smile stays beautiful for a lifetime; however, there may come a time when you question a treatment that they have recommended. If you need an invasive procedure, it is best to always get a second opinion prior to undergoing the treatment.

January 20, 2018

Periodontal Therapy Is Good for Your Whole Mouth and Body!

woman at dental appointmentYour periodontal (gum) tissue is always there for you. It supports your teeth and provides a lovely frame for those pearly whites that you’re always showing off. However, too many people take their gums for granted. They may not realize the real and serious danger that periodontal disease presents. Let’s take a moment to talk about the importance of gum health and how periodontal therapy on University Blvd can help if you discover that your gums aren’t in the best shape.


January 7, 2018

Your Family Dentist in West Mobile Talks About CHIP

child at dentistDental care is vital for everyone, but it is especially so for children. That’s because their mouths are still developing, and if problems aren’t caught early on, kids can face such issues as crooked teeth and a lifetime of poor oral health. Unfortunately, many families struggle to afford to pay for dental care for their children. CHIP is a government program that makes dental care accessible to more households across the United States. Your family dentist in West Mobile takes a moment to talk about this provision and what it might mean for your family.


December 16, 2017

Your Dentist Has Wise Words on Wisdom Teeth in Vancleave

X-ray of wisdom tooth bottom rightThere is only one time in your life that you want to lose your wisdom – when it involves your teeth. It seems like an odd asset to have to give up but, your dentist says there’s a reason that your wisdom teeth in Vancleave have to be extracted at the right time. Read on to learn more about this process and why it’s so important to your oral health.


December 11, 2017

Cynthia’s Story

December 4, 2017

Dentist in West Mobile Says Prevention is Your Best Friend

woman smiling during dental examYou’ve probably heard this old saying before, but it stands repeating that, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than 10 pounds of cure.” Life is remarkably easier from the proactive side of the coin than its reactive counterpart. That’s why your dentist in West Mobile encourages you to not wait until you have a dental issue or, worse, an emergency to get serious about your oral health. Learn how you can prevent major problems, and remain healthy and happy.


November 21, 2017

Dentist in University Boulevard Shares TMJ Treatment Options

woman dental pain In last week’s blog post, we discussed the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. Reading through the lengthy list of uncomfortable signs of the disorder probably made you wince a few times, but your dentist in University Boulevard is here to provide some comfort.

This week, we’re going to cover the different types of treatment that can be used to effectively address your TMJ disorder.


November 10, 2017

Can Teeth Grinding in West Mobile Cause TMJ Disorder?

woman dental pain If you suffer from symptoms of TMJ disorder, you might feel alone during some circumstances. But little do many people know, more than 10 million Americans suffer from that very same disorder.

In honor of TMJ awareness month, your dentist wants to warn you of the causes of TMJ disorder like teeth grinding in West Mobile. You’ll learn everything you need to know about this disorder so you can avoid it or treat it.


October 31, 2017

Dentist on University Boulevard Talks Candy for Braces

halloween candy bucket Happy Halloween everyone! Not only is today dedicated to kids scouring as much candy as humanly possible in one night, but it’s also for welcoming other end of the year holidays that are waiting for us right around the corner.

All of us want to enter 2018 in good health—meaning overall and oral health. You should want to guide your children to good dental health as well. It starts now! Don’t let your little ones chop down too hard or on too many crunchy candies—especially if they have braces. Your dentist on University Boulevard is here to share why.


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