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July 27, 2023

What Should You Include in Your Dorm Dental Kit?

A college student smiling toward the camera

When you first attend college, the appeal of dorm life is obvious. Living away from home and parents offers loads of freedom! Still, your new space comes with responsibilities – especially oral self-care. A proper dorm needs the right tools to keep your smile healthy. Plus, you’ll have to get these items yourself; they aren’t just given to you. Luckily, your West Mobile dentist can offer some helpful guidance. Here are four good products you should include in your dorm dental kit.


May 9, 2023

3 Reasons You Should Get Dental Implants in the Summer

a mature couple on a boat ride during the summer

Are you missing one or several of your pearly whites? If you want an incredibly stable and lifelike tooth replacement, then dental implants may be your best option. This comprehensive treatment offers a more natural-feeling and longer-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth, making it a worthwhile investment in renewing your smile. Read on to learn why summer is the perfect time to rebuild your grin with dental implants.


November 16, 2022

4 Ways Visiting a Dentist Saves Money

Dental insurance claim formBrushing and flossing are effective at keeping cavities and gum disease at bay, but the American Dental Association also recommends a cleaning and checkup every 6 months. Although you know you’re supposed to visit your dentist, no one can afford a dental bill right now. However, when it comes to your smile, your oral health needs aren’t an area to pinch pennies. You can invest in healthy teeth and gums, even if money is tight. Here are 4 ways you can save money using your dental insurance.


August 4, 2022

When Should I Whiten My Teeth Before a Special Event?

Woman smiling while attending a wedding.

If you’ve got a wedding, graduation, or some other type of big event coming up, you’re probably already thinking about how to look your absolute best for it. One thing on your mind might be your smile—since your pearly whites are one of the first things that people notice about you, it’s in your best interest to make sure they look healthy and bright! One way to ensure this is teeth whitening. Here’s more from your dentist about the process to help you figure out when to whiten before an event and some tips to help you keep your results.


July 6, 2022

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Woman with a dental implant

Whether you are a denture wearer now, or you are eager to start exploring your tooth replacement options, it seems to be apparent that dental implants are a preferred option by numerous dentists and patients. Ultimately, they have so many benefits that you can’t find with other tooth replacement options. However, dental implants are quite an investment. Are they worth the cost? Continue reading to learn about the many benefits of implants so you can determine whether or not they are an ideal option for you.


June 4, 2022

Why Your Dentist Has Recommended a Tooth Extraction

Cartoon illustration of tooth being removed by forceps.

You’re visiting the dentist for a checkup and things are going well—that is, until your dentist informs you that you’re going to need a tooth extracted soon! A small knot forms in your stomach as you picture a pair of forceps being guided towards your mouth. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about; your dentist won’t remove any of your teeth without a good reason. That said, here’s what you need to know about tooth extraction, why it’s sometimes necessary, and why it’s no reason to panic!


April 6, 2022

5 Things To Know When Getting Braces as an Adult

woman smiling with braces

Are you unhappy with your smile? Most people wish they can have perfectly straight teeth to show off a confident grin. Fortunately, you can always consider getting braces to achieve the look you want. And you don’t have to be a teenager to undergo orthodontic treatment. Read on to learn five things to know when getting traditional braces as an adult!


March 4, 2022

Why Should I Replace Metal Fillings?

metal fillings

Science-fiction fans realize that Terminators seem to do just fine being made of metal, but that doesn’t work out so well for humans. Did you know if you have too many metal fillings, it can raise the level of mercury in your blood? According to a 2009 position paper from the American Dental Association (ADA), this mercury exposure may be associated with neurological diseases, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s. Keep reading to learn about the risks of dental amalgam fillings, which contain various metals including mercury, as well as a great option to replace metal fillings in Mobile.


January 4, 2022

Interested in Invisalign? Here’s What You Should Know

person with Invisalign in West Mobile

Are you looking to achieve your dream of having a beautifully straightened smile? If so, then you may be considering all the alignment treatments that are available. Aside from traditional braces, you’re probably considering going with Invisalign in West Mobile due to its clear appearance. Although Invisalign may seem like the perfect orthodontic option, it’s important to know what to expect before jumping straight into the process. Here are a few things to consider before choosing Invisalign.


December 15, 2021

5 Reasons Why Invisalign Is Better Than DIY Clear Aligners

person smiling with their Invisalign

Companies like SmileDirectClub that offer DIY clear aligners allow patients to achieve straighter smiles at home for a smaller upfront cost than Invisalign. While it may seem like these companies are a great way to perfect your pearly whites on a budget, they may not be as good as they seem. Read on to learn why Invisalign is likely the better choice for your smile.

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