December 9, 2018

Get a New Smile for the New Year with Your Cosmetic Dentist

woman with an attractive smile

With the new year upon us, now is the time to give yourself the gift of confidence. If you are tired of feeling insecure about your unattractive teeth, your cosmetic dentist can give you a beautiful smile. There are a variety of cosmetic treatments available to achieve the results you want. You can head into the new year with an attractive smile to look and feel your best.

Invest in Your Smile

The appearance of your smile directly influences your self-esteem and how others form their first opinions about you. If you do not like how it looks, it is easy to find yourself avoiding social or professional settings because you worry about showing your teeth when eating, speaking, or smiling. You do not need to hide behind imperfect teeth using a treatment plan catering to your needs.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a minimally invasive solution that provides a quick and effective fix. They can correct several issues at once by attaching the thin shells to the front surfaces of your teeth. Overall, they improve their size, shape, proportion, and color. Veneers are ideal if you have dark tooth discoloration, chips, cracks, or minor alignment concerns.

Teeth Whitening

You cannot avoid tooth discoloration, but you do not need to let it cause you to look older than your true age. A whitening treatment turns back the hands of time to get your teeth 8 to 10 shades whiter. Now, you can enjoy in-office results from the comfort of your own home. This gives you the flexibility you need to revamp your smile.


The alignment of your teeth is important for more than just their appearance. If your teeth are not in their correct positions, it increases your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and dental emergencies. Braces fix even the most complex alignment issues to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

Crown and Bridge

Tooth loss not only causes cosmetic problems, but it can also make it difficult to eat your favorite foods while also impacting your oral health. You can replace 1 to 3 consecutive missing teeth with a crown and bridge. An impression of your mouth is used to create a prosthetic to fill the gap. The appliance is held in place by reshaping the adjacent teeth and bonding custom-made dental crowns to them. As an alternative, you can anchor the bridge in place with dental implants. This offers the next best thing to your natural teeth with the potential to last for a lifetime.

Get a New Smile Today!

Start the new year feeling confident by achieving the attractive smile you have always wanted. Your cosmetic dentist has the solutions you need to revitalize your teeth.

About Parker Dental & Orthodontics

Parker Dental & Orthodontics is committed to delivering trusted dental care to help our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. We offer cosmetic and restorative services to improve the health and appearance of your teeth. If you are ready to invest in a new smile, contact our office today for a consultation.

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