March 20, 2020

Before Having Your Tooth Extracted, Take a Moment to Read This!

woman with toothache needs emergency dentist in Mobile

Each of your teeth has a purpose. Thus, the last thing a dentist wants to do is perform an extraction. Although you may be experiencing severe pain and think that removing the problematic tooth can alleviate the problem, take a moment to read further. You’ll learn what the common causes of a toothache are and how an emergency dentist in Mobile can help to restore your oral health to normal!

Consider This Before Having a Tooth Pulled

When a toothache strikes, the primary concern is getting relief from the pain. If it’s severe enough, you may even consider asking a dentist to simply remove the tooth. While taking this route can help to quiet the discomfort, it can cause some problems down the line. For starters, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift as they attempt to reestablish the lost tension. Furthermore, you can become vulnerable to future gum infection from the teeth moving.

The Common Causes of a Toothache

The first step to getting relief is to know what the cause of the toothache is. The following is a list of some possible contributors:

  • Gum Disease – The infection and inflammation of the gums that cause them to recess over time and leave the tooth roots vulnerable to plaque growth
  • Sensitive Teeth – A result of the protective enamel becoming worn, leaving portions of the sensitive dentin exposed
  • Bruxism – Teeth grinding that can lead to premature enamel wear
  • Pulpitis – Advanced tooth decay where the center of the tooth (nerve-tooth pulp) becomes inflamed and infected
  • Cracked Tooth – May occur from trauma to the mouth, a bad fall or attempting to bite into an item that is too hard
  • Abscess Tooth – When tooth decay or pulpitis goes untreated and leads to a buildup of bacteria inside the pulp chamber
  • Impacted Tooth – When an erupting tooth becomes partially or completely trapped, leaving the gums subject to painful infection

Timing Matters

It’s of the utmost importance to reach out to an emergency dentist the moment you notice signs of acute tooth pain. The sooner you seek help, the better the chances are of salvaging your tooth. The dentist will provide treatment based on your specific needs.

The most common cause of tooth pain is aggressive oral bacteria growth that has penetrated to the pulp area. If you reach out to a dentist before the encroaching decay erodes too much of the tooth’s material, root canal therapy will usually be the treatment path taken.  It involves the dentist making an incision into the tooth, removing the decayed tissue, filling the vacated space with a special compound and sealing the pulp chamber.

If you’re dealing with tooth pain of any kind, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. By taking immediate action, you can get the relief you need and preserve all of your teeth.

About the Author

Dr. Hube Parker earned his dental degree from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. For over 25 years, he has provided reliable and compassionate dental care. A Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Parker provides comprehensive care at Parker Dental & Orthodontics, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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