Wisdom Tooth Extractions

woman holding cheek in painMany patients assume that permanent teeth have finished erupting when a patient is still in their childhood years, but this isn’t the case. Third molars (more commonly known as “wisdom teeth”) arrive between the ages of 17 and 21, and their late entry leads to serious problems regarding oral health. In fact, our team at Parker Dental & Orthodontics may determine that removing them is the best choice for your wellbeing. If you or a loved one is experiencing any pain or discomfort related to erupting wisdom teeth, don’t wait – contact us right away to schedule an appointment! We have multiple convenient office locations to choose from in the Southern Alabama and Mississippi area.  

Do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

In most cases, wisdom teeth simply don’t have enough room to emerge properly because of the surrounding teeth, and this leads to potentially serious problems. They may erupt at a sideways angle, only partially push through the gum line, or even become trapped altogether. These instances lead to higher risks of infection, facial swelling, and other unpleasant consequences. Our doctors inspect wisdom teeth with the help of digital X-rays before they’ve fully erupted, and if these problems seem likely, we may recommend extraction as a preventive measure.

The Extraction Process

When performing wisdom tooth extraction, our team takes care to make the process as smooth and comfortable for the patient as possible. Following the removal, it’s common to experience some discomfort, oral bleeding, and swelling; these symptoms should improve over the course of a few days. Our team also provides a prescription for painkillers, if needed.